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Military families, including mine, have experienced increased OPTEMPO, deployments, injuries, stress and separation. Any of these issues can lead to financial problems, emotional trauma, hopelessness and divorce. While military stress may never go away, a solid financial plan can strengthen families to overcome these challenges.

Why Waging War On Debt? To give military families a strong financial foundation for their future. Either through donations or when someone purchases a copy of Waging War on Debt, a copy will be donated to our Military (Airmen, Marines, Sailors, or Soldiers) to help them not only survive, but prosper.

Since January 2002, Waging War on Debt Seminars have reached hundreds and thousands of our Servicemembers and their families stateside and overseas (Afghanistan, Ecuador, Honduras, Iraq, Kuwait, and Qatar). Waging War On Debt contains materials taught at these seminars, which I wrote to reach even more with the necessary tools needed to overcome financial challenges.

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What Servicemembers Are Saying About Steve Sheridan…

When I opened this book I had no idea it would be an all-inclusive experience. Rich with financial fundamentals, strategy, spiritual insights and workbook type exercises I found myself looking for excuses during my day to get back and finish readying it. I like books that inform, but also motivate me to be a better person. Waging War On Debt does just that. It focuses on the big picture topics at hand, and then simultaneously zooms in and makes it personal to the reader. I am already looking forward to reading it again! ~ E. Lund


Sir, your class woke up a lot of the young and some older Soldiers on how to manage their money. Soldiers are changing their mind about buying big ticket items when they return home. Your Waging War on Debt seminar really hit home with Soldiers. Thanks for devoting time to our Unit, ~ C. Merritte


Sir, I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to show many of us some good points. I thought I had a sound understanding of my finances, but I learned plenty by attending your class. Thanks again Sir,
~ T. Bantan Jr.

Sir, I think that it was the most informative brief I have had on the subject. On behalf of us all, thank you.
~ J. Coble





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Disclaimer: Neither the Department of Defense or any other Defense organization officially endorses Steve Sheridan, Mission Wealthy Warriors™ or Waging War on Debt.